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"For in this dance the people do not move. Desire moves. Eros is a verb."

Anne Carson, Eros the bittersweet.

In "Shaking the libidinous" I look at the intertwining of choreography, context and the erotic, trough performative practices.


The work is a performative installation. It is constituted of: a sound and video installation of screen recordings showing an editing practice on erotic literature excerpts, a movement score performed by 3 dancers and a book where the elements of the work are weaved together.


Choreographed by Orfee Schuijt

Performed by Orfee Schuijt and Ingrid Haakstad

Music by Kim Myhr

Videos by Orfee Schuijt

In residency at Kutomo Ehkå, Vitlycke center for performing arts, 

Performed at WELD Stockholm as part of the final presentation of the New performative practices master.

Performances at Mad House festival, Helsinki Finland 




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