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2015-2017            Master of choreography at the New performance practices in DOCH, Stocholm


2005-2009            Theaterschool of Amsterdam. BA in Dance, MTD, Amsterdam


2007                      European Film College, Ebeltoft, Denmark





Janne Camilla Lyster, Library of Gestures, Oslo Dansenshus



Eivind Seljeseth, Exploded view, Oslo Dansenshus 2023


Orfee Schuijt/Bara Sigfusdottir Fabulation, Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen 2022-23


Orfee Schuijt, Thing power, premiere at Rimi Imir Stavanger 


Jenny Hval The practice of love, premiere at Ultima festival in Blackbox theatre Oslo Norway

Eivind Slejeseth Alt nå, premiere at Dansenshus Oslo Norway


Orfee Schuijt Shaking the Libidinous, premiere at Mad House festival, Helsinki


Orfee Schuijt, Jenny Hval and Håvard Volden,  Everyday Libido Commission piece at Henie Onstad, Oslo


Jenny Hval Blood Bitch, Øya Festival and European tour


Heine and Yukiko Avdal Unannounced, premiere at Kai Theater Brussels



Heine and Yukiko Avdal ,Unannounced, Premiere Kai Theater Brussels


Soile Voima and Orfee Schuijt, The hand is a hole is an eye, Helsinki


Orfee Schuijt, Who´s afraid of red, yellow and blue? premiere at Blackbox theater, Oslo


Heine and Yukiko Avdal, The otheroom, premiere at Ultima festival, Oslo


Jenny Hval Blood bitch, Premiere at Ultima festival Oslo, European tour


 Francesco Scavetta/Wee company, Hardly ever, Japan tour


Jenny Hval, Apocalypse girl, Australian tour



Francesco Scavetta/Wee company: Hardly ever, Performances Dansenshus Oslo, Bucarest


Orfee Schuijt, Mapping Performance/showing at Åpen Scene, Trondheim Avant garden


Heine and Yukiko Avdal, As if nothing has been spinning around for something to remember, Opening of Ice hot festival, Oslo


Francesco Scavetta, Wee company: The Surprised body project, Kyoto, Zagreb. February


Francesco Scavetta, Wee company , On the moon and the day after Gottenburg dance festival

Orfee Schuijt, Mapping Solo project research at Critical Path, Sydney, Sound Out festival, Canberra Australia


Keren Levi The dry piece, Performances in Amersfoort, Bern, Amsterdam



Francesco Scavetta, Wee company On the moon and the days after, premiere at dansenshus Oslo


Orfee schuijt, Mapping Collaboration with musician Kim Myhr, Beijing


Keren Levi The dry piece, premiere in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Tilburg, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Maastricht, Groninghen, Amersfoort.


Tail collection Improvisations at Ot 301, Bimhuis, Ana Theater Hellmond, Le chien Perdu Brussels.




Francesco Scavetta, Wee company, The Surprised body project

Tour 2010/11/12/13. Norway, Bulgaria, India, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Amsterdam, Palestine, Albania, Roumania, Bulgaria, Russia, Croatia, Iceland, Japan.


Solo project, Residency at Espacio lem, Buenos aires, Argentina.


Arno Schuitemaker Tide, performance for over het ij festival Amsterdam.


Poro collective, Vladimir I’ll be back, Vaasa Finland


Arno Schuitemaker, Safe, Den Bosh, Tilburg,Amsterdam 


Sanne Myllylahti Closer to heaven, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Stockholm.



Itamar Serussi, Phenomena.  Tilburg, Eindhoven.

Guilio D’Anna, Dark chocolate. Kikker theater Utrecht.

Anouk de Groot and Guilio D’anna, Unpolitely close






Mtd department: Theaterschool of Amsterdam.


Professional training:

Teatro del pero, Buenos aires, Argentina.

Danza comun, Bogota, Colombia.

Proda, Oslo, Norway



Assistant choreographer /repertoire:


Francesco Scavetta: Surprised body project repertory. Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Iceland, Japan. (2013/2014)













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