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Fabulation is a duo performance created and performed by choreographers Bára Sigfúsdóttir (IS/NO) and Orfee Schuijt (FR/NO). It is created in collaboration with scenographer Kjersti Alm Eriksen and composers Kim Myhr and Eivind Lønning.


Fabulation is a piece where the dance emerges out from an improvised, playfull practice of mimesis. The two dancers follow physical fantastic pathways


In Fabulation, the two performers follow physically fantastic speculative pathways. Down and up through magic wormholes, from one dancer to the other, ideas and affects are passed on and on, bouncing furthermore into the room. The dancers absorb each other’s bodies just like insects would merge with and imitate their environment, losing themselves in their quest of becoming other. Their journey weave a common world, full of ornaments and eccentricity, like a techno-organic storytelling with plenty of explicit musicality.


As insects imitate leaves and branches, in Fabulation a dancer imitates another dancer. We might see it as a symmetrical ritual, a camouflage dance or a mirroring game, like a dance of a dance.


The performance balances between fiction and the real. What is my body made of? Is what I feel through my skin real? The dancers put into question the materiality of things and gladly explore and tell stories of somatic fiction.

drawing by Lia Pradal

Image by Lia Pradal

Choreography:                                                           Bára Sigfúsdóttir and Orfee Schuijt

Dance:                                                                        Bára Sigfúsdóttir and Orfee Schuijt

Scenography and costume design:                            Kjersti Alm Eriksen

Music and sound design:                                            Eivind Lønning and Kim Myhr

Lighting design:                                                           Martin Myrvold

Outside eye:                                                                Janne-Camilla Lyster, Mette Edvardsen and Siri Jøntvedt

Co-produced:                                                               Dansens Hus Oslo and Rosendal Teater

Supported by:                                                              Norsk Kulturråd

Trailer and video recording:                                         Josh Lake

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